Top Ten Tips to Raise Eco Kids


By Melissa Gunning

Raising eco kids is a lifestyle. It goes beyond teaching them to recycle. Here are some tips if you are at the start of your Earth Loving Parenting Lifestyle!

  1. Grow. Grow some veggies in your garden or even a few spices in your kitchen. Keep a journal of what happens everyday. Remember you are just the tour guide-your little one should be doing the work.
  2. Read. Authors are amazing at creating age appropriate lessons for our littles! The Lorax is one of my favourite books when teaching children the importance of analyzing what we need versus what we want and the impact that those choices have on the environment. Check out what happened when I read this book to my elementary class HERE.
  3. Set Goals. In our family we have set a few goals to reach to stay dedicated to the environment. Brainstorm with your family to decide how you can contribute to saving the environment. Here are a few examples to get you started: Limit your bi-weekly garbage to one bag. Avoid single use products (laundry detergent, cheese strings, yogurt, etc.). Time showers.
  4. Get Outside. What better way to respect the environment than to make yourself a part of it! One of our favourite summer activities is to create forts! The kids spend so many hours in their outdoor forts. Another favourite outdoor activity is to create scavenger hunts and have your family find things in the environment that can create conversation and of course-amaze them!
  5. Celebrate. Earth Hour & Earth Day are two international programs to join. And you can make your own! Celebrate seasonal changes, lunar calendars, sunny days, rainy days and even cold wintery days.
  6. Eat. Healthy. Eat what the Earth offers us. Remove GMOs from your diet and explain to your family why you choose fruits and vegetables. Talk about what is in season in your community and try to eat local! Try freezing what isn’t always in season. Or canning your garden goodies. Try some of our favourite UnDiet recipes from Meghan Telpner!
  7. Monkey See. Monkey Do. If you don’t reuse, recycle, reduce and refuse then the chances of your children doing any of those things is much lower! Make it a part of your daily life.
  8. Minimalism. From the day my daughters were born I minimalized their surroundings. We didn’t have all the latest and greatest gear, toys, and tools. We have the basics. Refuse consumerism.
  9. Save Energy. This can be so fun for families and once it is part of your weekly routine the kids start getting excited as the dates approach! Try scheduling these things into your month this month:
    1. Picnic dinner. No stove.
    2. Weekly NO TECHNOLOGY days! Make sure you have a few board games laying around.
    3. Reward your family if they remember to turn off the lights or use water wisely.
  10. Litterless Lunches. Teach your family to make food to go with no waste! The average student produces 67 lbs of waste each year (! Try baking your own baked goods, create your own ‘single serving’ foods by purchasing in bulk and using small reusable containers to portion, and don’t eat junk food. Here is a great school lunch guide to help with the ideas. We also LOVE Weelicious for healthy, litterless lunch ideas! Ban plastic baggies from your house and remember to use reusable lunch bags or reusable containers like those found in our Kitchen Starter Set (available at Toys”R”Us).

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