Last Minute Gift Ideas


These last minute gift ideas are perfect for every person in your life.

1) Wean Green Feeding Starter Kit

This is the perfect tool for making and storing homemade baby food while staying eco-friendly. The tempered glass allows for taking food on the road or storing at home. The containers are also freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as eco-friendly! The set contains 2 Wean Cubes (4oz), 2 Wean Bowls (5oz) and 2 Snack Cubes (6oz).

Available at for 29.99

Make it extra-special: Personalize some tried and true baby food recipes and create a mini booklet for the new parents on your list.


2) Sabatier Bamboo Butcher Block

This chopping board is perfect for an evening of hosting. Its elegant design of grooved eco-friendly bamboo makes it appropriate for food preparation, as well as serving appetizers.

Available at Canadian Tire for $89.99

Make it extra-special: Throw in a selection of charcuterie to get your loved one’s party started.


3) Roscher 16-piece Metallic Baroque Dinnerware Set

This elegant dinnerware set features 4 dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls and mugs and is perfect for any small gathering! The set is both microwave and dishwasher safe and is easy on the wallet!

Available at for $69.99

Make it extra-special: Coordinate the set with a matching set of napkins, so the host on your list can complete their table setting.


4) Springfield Colour Forecast Station

Canadian weather can be unpredictable, so why not keep things simple with this colour forecast station. The station predicts forecasts up to 12 hours and features temperature and humidity records as well as an alarm.

Available at Home Depot for $59.97

Make it extra-special: Add in the batteries and program the station, so that your favourite meteorologist can begin their home-forecasting right away.


5) Rachael Ray Lasagna Lover

This versatile 9” x 13” ceramic dish is the perfect gift for the foodie who loves to experiment in the kitchen. The size is large enough to accommodate a family-size casserole and the shape is versatile enough to whip up anything from appetizers to desserts! The bold colour assortment adds a fun flare to this giftable item.

Available at Walmart for $39.88

Make it extra-special: Whip up a favourite recipe in the dish itself and present the whole thing as a gift!


6) Circulon Straining Stockpot

Give a gift your loved one will thank you for through till the next holiday season! This innovative stockpot is perfect for boiling anything that requires straining, with its unique locking lid. Once the lid is locked to the stockpot, it can be tilted over any sink using both hands (and added security bonus!) to strain out liquids. The great minds at Circulon also made sure that this pot is dishwasher-safe, making this a seriously hassle-free addition to any cook’s kitchen!

Available at Canadian Tire for $169.99

Make it extra-special: Throw in a matching skillet from the Circulon range so your giftee can have a merry and coordinated holiday season!


7) Maison Kleen Heated Shoe Rack

Although it doesn’t feel like winter, make sure the outdoorsman on your list is snow-ready with Maison Kleen’s Heated Shoe Rack. Place wet boots on this nifty rack, plug it in and voilà! Wet boots are on their way to getting dry and toasty, just in time for another trek outdoors.

Available at Canadian Tire for $69.99

Make it extra-special: Throw in a bonus pair warm socks and give the gift of toasty toes for the holidays.


8) Star Wars BB-8 & Kylo Ren 3D Night Light

The empire strikes back with its new Star Wars 3D Deco Lights. These new character lights make the perfect addition to any Star Wars collection or looks great as standalones. The lights are battery operated, simple to install and use LED.

Available at Canadian Tire for $39.99 | BB-8 | Kylo Ren

Throw in a pair of movie tickets and complete the Star Wars experience.


9) Cake Boss Cookie Jar Bundle

The bundle includes a full 9-piece heart-shaped cookie cutter set, as well as a ribbon-and-dot stoneware jar, perfect for loading up cookies and other treats all year round.

Available at for $38.99

Make it extra-special: Add in a holiday cookie recipe, complete with all the necessary ingredients. The DIY baker in your life will truly appreciate the extra personal gesture.